SKS Scope Mount

This new Scope Mount is the most versatile and solid available. It can be mounted with tang forward or rearward for different scopes, red dots, stripper clips use, etc. And once mounted, you can still disassemble your gun for cleaning. No worries with removing and hoping the scope returns to zero. Machined from aircraft grade alum and anodized, this mount even has a mounting “slot” so that getting the scope/red dot on target is much easier, and beefy enough to handle even the heavy Night Vision Scopes. Looking under the mount affords you the ability to use your iron sights.

It can be mounted above the stock line with most stocks, precluding the need for stock alterations. But if an aftermarket stock is used, the stock can be slightly modified to allow for the Mount.

Have your ‘Smith drill & tap and mount for you, we can supply the specs, or send your gun to us and we can provide the services needed. Please contact us before shipping, so we can provide the FFL that makes the shipment to us legal. And we can return ship directly to you at your home or office, wherever you are able to accept the package.

Toll-Free Order Line:
(866) 232-GUNS (4867)
9-5:30 M-F


While the turnaround time for most all of our Firing Pin Kit Installations, Bolt & Carrier mods, and Trigger Group parts “Installation & Tuning” and especially our most popular service, the “Neck & Throat” chamber reaming, had gotten above 60 days, and even above 90 days for some of our customers in 2016, this last month and the beginning of 2017 are likely to be right at 30 days or less. If work is requested that is not on the mail-in form, turnaround can be affected.