Murray’s replacement Gas Valves for the Yugo 59/66 SKS’s

GV-1 is manufactured to use your original spring loaded Gas Selector button.

GV-2 uses a screw in place of the spring loaded button. SS Screw and allen wrench are included.

Featured in stainless, to slow the detrimental corrosion effects. They are manufactured slightly over-sized in critical areas, to tighten up and help older, more “used” gas systems function reliability. The GV-2Ā prevents accidentally bumping the selector out of position, and affords owners a way to semi-permanently place the rifle inĀ semi-automatic mode before “loaning” it to a less experienced shooter. Usually, when a standard round is firedĀ with the selector inĀ the Grenade Launch position, the bolt and carrier lock themselves tightly into the receiver. Someone that is not as familiar with how to safely resolve this situation might have difficulties.

ATF approved. Gun will retain its C&R classification.


While the turnaround time for most all of our Firing Pin Kit Installations, Bolt & Carrier mods, and Trigger Group parts ā€œInstallation & Tuningā€ and especially our most popular service, the ā€œNeck & Throatā€ chamber reaming, had gotten above 60 days, and even above 90 days for some of our customers in 2016, this last month and the beginning of 2017 are likely to be right at 30 days or less. If work is requested that is not on the mail-in form, turnaround can be affected.