Murray’s French MAS 49/56 Firing Pins

The replacement French MAS 49/56 Firing Pin is precisely machined within .001” concentricity. It comes with a spring attached and a spare spring.

After several years manufacturing our SKS Firing Pins, and due to many requests, we offer an “Original” MAS 49/56 Firing Pin that has been precisely modified to accept a spring. So if preventing slam fires is a concern for you, simply order our MAS “Spring Loaded” Firing Pin Kit and worry no more. (SKU: MAS FP 038)

Each kit comes with a firing pin precisely machined within .001” concentricity, a spring attached and a spare spring. Each spring has a “gripper end” that goes on the shank first. “Installation Instructions” are included but it is a simple drop-in fit. Simply remove the free floating firing pin from your bolt, slip ours right back in its place, and you’re ready to go.